My first week in Australia.

Nikon D50 565.JPGI just love that title!

I have a wide reaching smile at the mere mention of it.

You see part of me wondered if I would even get here and the other part of me hoped that I wouldn’t be too old to enjoy it if I did. And he knew that, read me like a book and did this most wonderful thing, for me!

So here I am writing this a week after my arrival on the Sunshine Coast and posting it a little later since I have been exploring with my friends.

No pressure has been put in me this week whatsoever. My hosts have been amazing. There for me on every level trying to find things that didn’t wipe me out completely since the jet lag and a travellers cold kicked in. I missed a couple of days wiped out by sleep and total lack of energy.

I thought that by travelling in March I would arrive before the rainy season, but we had only two days of sun before five days of rain. So much rain it’s like a monsoon. Then if it breaks there is beauty and butterflies and all the birds come out and celebrate and us along with them.

Every morning, my friend feeds the birds on her porch. They all come to visit and she has names for the regulars whom they recognise. They eat a lot of cheese! There is a lovely sweet butcher bird called Frank who will take cheese from your hand if you offer it to him. He will also hop around on the verandah to get your attention. He has a son who is more timid, whom they have named Ricky and when they sing, it brings the whole garden alive.

There are Mr & Mrs Blue. Mr also loves cheese but you have to put it down for him. Mrs loves cake so clearly has a sweet tooth.

A family of Cookaburra also come to visit every day. But Frank came and sat nicely with me whilst I was writing yesterday, just came up and sat on the table next to me whilst I was there for about five minutes then flew away.


I slept really well on the first night, for 14 hours in fact and awoke to be met by a small puppy who was visiting overnight, lots of puppy play when you are away from home and missing your hound is a good thing, this little one was a darling. I was comforted by the sound of trains passing by at the bottom of the garden and all the wonderful birds. On the first day, a steam train passed the end of the garden on a special 125th Anniversary celebration. As it stopped in the station, we all raced outside for a look and for me to take photographs.

Nikon D50 499

When it was sunny, the second day we went out to Coloundra. We met up with her Mum and Stepdad it has been several years and felt as though no time had passed at all. We went through the market, found interesting food, in my case falafels and salad in a wrap followed by coconut ice cream.

Nikon D50 582There is a beautiful beach there. I was met by white sand and blue sea, I don’t think that I have ever been on a beach that blue. It was stunning. My friend showed me the pier where he used to fish in the mornings, when he first arrived in Australia. There were lots of tiny fishes underneath just peeking out and avoiding capture. The anglers said they hadn’t caught much, just a few sea bream. As we walked on the sand the heat hit me squarely between the eyes and thankfully my friend was watching over me. She soaked my shirt in water and I wore that with a hat and my factor 50 sunscreen. Apprehensive since I did not know how my skin would react to the sun after last summer and the rash I had for months. I was relieved to note no ill effects of wandering around for a couple of hours just a bit of a headache which an early night sorted out.

I was so tired. This is the longest time I have travelled so had no idea how it would wipe me out, I just knew that it would. I’ve walked around in a daze fighting for breath for most of the week, wheezing as I tried to get used to the changes in atmosphere. Then my cold hit. But we won’t dwell on that as I’ve turned the corner now.

On Monday my friends father arrived from Thailand to visit for a week. I haven’t seen him since I was fifteen and my friend hasn’t seen him for a few years, they had a lot of catching up to do. It was the day when I felt really rough and had taken myself off to bed after we picked the boys up from school. They all went out for dinner later that night, I couldn’t join them so just went to sleep until the morning.

On Tuesday, where he was staying in Mooloolaba there is a lovely marina which we went to explore. We all met up for a fabulous Sushi lunch there. It was spot on and her Dad bought us swordfish steaks for dinner that night from the fish market. The grey of the day made the beach look a little less inviting so we stuck to a quick browse in the galleries we passed on the way to the sushi restaurant.

Wednesday because of the rain, my friend couldn’t work. He works outside which meant that he was able to take us out to places instead. We went out to meet up with her father and see a lovely place called Montville. Apparently the views from up there are absolutely wonderful. But we couldn’t see them as it was raining so hard and cloud drifted past us as we had cake and coffee together. It is a tourist spot, but a lot of Art Nouveau design features so of course I fell in love with the place and its quirky buildings.

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It was a visit for exclamations of “You don’t see that every day do you?” As I wandered around bring a tourist and photographing things that caught my eye, Beautiful glimpses of sky through trees. Curious buildings and a delightful lily pond with multi coloured lilies and a bridge where you reach a clock shop.

I walked into the shop and was met with a wall of cuckoo clocks, which took me back to my childhood since my grandparents had one. I took a snapshot and sent it to my aunt, so she could share in the memory. I was mesmerised by the beautiful and intricate engraving on the pendulums hanging in the grandfather clocks. They were serious collectors pieces and you would need a second mortgage for most of them.

Art abounds on Montville, almost every shop appears to have something artsy. There are lots of inset paving depicting local wild animals, history of the area, the local school. Sections with tiles, brasses, pottery all number of things. As we walked back up the hill, I saw a lovely chapel. A nouveau styled building with curves called Poets Cafe and made a mental note that should we venture back there in the sunshine, that would definitely require further investigation.

There is something that I can not explain. But it is reassuring when you walk into an unexpected place and see a curled up dog especially a Husky or Malamute having a sleep. It makes me think, this is a nice place.

That evening we’d been invited to a party, yes even me. We all headed out to the restaurant. Normally I struggle with nights out in general, tending to overthink the whole process and make mistakes in my attire which worry me coming over all indecisive and getting in a flap. But once we all got there I met a lovely family and the lady who owned the little dog who came to stay at the weekend. She also has horses and other animals. But she is the mother of two lovely friendly and polite children and also has a crazy best friend from school, (just like my ones)

We talked and laughed so much throughout the night, that I woke up hoarse but had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Thursday we are taking it easy kicking back and relaxing after the kids have all gone to school, trying to get the washing dry. It is so humid between rain showers and torrents that everything feels damp. I resorted to boots and socks as I couldn’t get warm then realised it was 22C so I must have adjusted to it here to a degree.

We met the boys from school and came up the hill to see the longest freight train I have ever seen we couldn’t see the end of it and waited and waited for about 5 minutes. There must have been close to a hundred containers on it and I was amazed that the one diesel loco could actually pull it all. The wonders of engineering…

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We all went out again last night, Ricks Cafe is a wonderful place nearby in Palmwoods. It is a working garage and the restaurant at the front has so much to take in, so much character vintage pieces and artefacts, artwork all presented in a great package.

They also do great food and since it was Thursday it was Open Mic night with live local musicians. They also serve my friends favourite alcoholic ginger beer on tap there and one taste and that was my drink of choice for the evening.

Another great night and a slightly mad moment where we investigated a curious tree on the corner of a road on the way home where there are chickens and geese living wild in the park. It must have looked rather odd to passers by with me and the three kiddies jumping up and down trying to reach the seed pods which hung down from this tree in the dark and the rain running back to the car laughing with our stash of Sausage tree pods.

So Today as I write this, I’ve now been here for a week already. Although I am missing my Bears like mad I am having fun with my friends. As of yesterday my sense of fun has crept out from where it was hiding or so long. I wonder if my friend knows what to expect when his Mrs and I get together. Full on nonsense, let the games begin.

For more in depth reviews of some of the places we have visited, why not take a look under “IndiaBlue-Writer” on


I’m Alive!

I am relieved to have some sleep on the second part of this journey.

We passed by Bengalaru and Goa and Colombo and have been crossing the sea. As we travel I am thinking of these places, wondering what some of them are like. I never studied geography at school, I foolishly thought that I would never get to see the world. Dreams and ambitions were not to be encouraged and neither were flights of fancy. Curious as to what I would see and experience at ground level. I make a mental note to look such places up later and find out more about the wonders of the world in which we live. We have Drawn level with places named Nikitin Seamount and Investigator Ridge which are on our right whereas to the left of us are Phuket and Singapore A short while ago we crossed the equator and suddenly the blue hue that has been with us for many hours changed.

I ventured along the plane to see what the outside looked like. A wonderful skyscape there before me, like icebergs silently moving by amidst the blue waters below. But here we are above the clouds. It plays tricks upon the mind, as though you have seen something entirely different. I take photographs not only to savour the memories and moments but to paint such things later on.

I knew that I would be making memories on this trip. I am visiting beloved friends who I dared not hope to see so soon, after all they emigrated to the other side of the world. Normal people don’t get to go and visit.

I wanted to show my Mum and my Dad these pictures. I took video as well. It reminds me of a very early memory I have as a child, when my father showed us slides on a projector of his flight to Italy in an aeroplane, there were a lot of photographs of clouds. At the time I did not understand the magic of being above the clouds. But as I have grown up, it is something that I have grown to love. I have no fear of flying just anticipation and joy at the new things I get to see along the way.

As I did on the other flight at what looked like sunrise to me. I am utterly confused and have just witnessed the most beautiful sunset and have been basking in its glory. As I glanced out the window It looked just like God’s feet are sticking out from the heavens reminding us that he is higher still than we can even imagine. It is about 7.30pm wherever we are currently travelling past. Touched by it’s beauty I am overcome with emotion as this part of the world our sky is plunged into darkness. I feel totally alive. I hope that I never forget the feeling of being up here travelling at 37000 feet and cruising at almost 600 miles per hour. The sun as it breaks through some hours from now and the clouds again look like a swirling seascape of surf underneath us. Looking as though we are barely moving but being transported on cloud nine, my new experience has definitely begun. What a wonderful way to experience a rebirth, to recognise that the future is going to be different and better and fun and I will embrace whatever energy I have to experience whatever I am able to.

This is such a gift for which I will be forever grateful and indebted to he who loves me and decided that I should go now whilst I am still young enough to enjoy it.

In the words of Nina Simone which ring around my head “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me and I’m feeling good.”

We have reached the halfway point on this leg of the journey as we head onward past Jakarta and towards Australia and all the treasure that it holds.

Full Moon over Baghdad

There is something quite surreal to be looking out of the window of an aeroplane at 4.30am local time cruising at 41000 feet past Baghdad and seeing a beautiful full moon out of the window. Lights of an unknown landscape are scattered below me.

At times, it looks like we have somehow come to a halt in the sky, so it’s difficult to believe that we are actually travelling at almost 600 miles per hour.

I didn’t think for a minute when we booked the flight about the countries it would pass over on the way around the world. Bizarrely it didn’t even cross my mind, but as I look at the flight path and it takes me past so many areas that have appeared in the news over the past few years and months, it does get me thinking. But I am not worried, just thinking…

En route we have passed Germany, Belgrade, Budapest, Istanbul.

The awesomeness of this trip of a lifetime suddenly kicks in and I am feeling such gratitude for the opportunity that has been given to me.

I remembered that I thoroughly enjoy flying. The take off, being in the air, the views from the window. Where we I travel once I am on the plane all of the stress that I have felt in preparing for the trip, after the meltdown of finding the airline had cut the luggage allowance, once I had arrived at the airport is gone and but a memory.

As I continue to write we are flying on past Basrah. I don’t know what I expected to see through the clouds it looks just like any other area at night.

The world feels such a small place when you view things on the map and you remember people you have met and the places that they come from. I find myself thinking “ So I know someone from Tehran, as though they live just up the road and I could pop in to see them.

Many years ago I had a boyfriend whose family were from Kuwait. Although I have never visited these places before, there is something that links me to them as I travel on this journey.

The hostess has just handed me a hot tortilla wrap. It was unexpectedly delicious. It is 2am at home and I wouldn’t normally eat a chickpea curry wrap at that time of the morning, or even anything similar to it but extenuating circumstances apply. Like that occasional naughty kebab on the way home after night outs in my youth.

So although I might body is starting to tire, I didn’t sleep much last night either due to last minute packing and excitement. But I dozed earlier and have awoken with renewed energy and enthusiasm at what else I will see on the next leg of the journey.

Between the snatched sleep I have been listening to Jazz and relaxing chill out tunes. Since my eyes are tired and dry I didn’t want to try and keep track of a fast moving screen with a movie if I was to have any hope of sleep.

I took a little walk around this level of the airbus earlier, since nice my hips were threatening cramp and realised that there were lots of empty seats, people camped out with legs sticking out of blankets everywhere and the poor tired baby who cried for the first two hours has finally gone to sleep. Alas I spoke too soon and the little one has started up again. It always makes me want to give them a cuddle and see if I can help. Sometimes I miss that connection from a past life as a babysitter and honorary auntie.

We have Dammam and Bahrain left on our way to Abu Dhabi and will arrive in about an hour from now. So far it’s been a lovely flight as it is just getting light and the scenery changes again we are blessed with the sunrise from the tail camera on the plane and a new day in this time zone at least. Welcome to March.

Such Excitement

Such excitement I can hardly breathe.

If you wish hard enough and do believe.

Then all the bad luck we’ll rearrange.

And things at last are going to change.

That it really will come right in the end.

Thanks to my dearest on whom I depend.

He’ll embrace my heart to follow my dreams,

To make things happen and set the scenes.

Of adventures to happen in this life,

After all the trouble and strife.

The trip of a lifetime, a far off place.

He’s there in my heart and back I’ll race.

To tell him of the places I’ve been,

And all of the wonders I have seen.

To share with my love my stories and cheer

Of all the new things that I hold dear.

Things that he pushed me to achieve

At times my aching heart will heave.

To not have him there right my my side

My hand to hold my journey to guide.

But even though he’s there at the start.

We’ll never feel we’re really apart.

To head off alone can fill me with dread,

But I’ll always hear his voice in my head.

To leave him here I do feel mean,

But he’s sending me off to fulfil a dream.

So when time is done and this Earth I leave.

My life lived and travelled I do believe.

Time to Heal

I can’t pinpoint exactly when it was that I thought again about Reiki and Chakras and focusing on getting better in whatever way I could but it’s pretty recently.

After a while of being unwell you start to look at any options which might be open to you, I guess that you become more open to the options too and try to simplify your routine accordingly. But it seems to have coincided with the shift in my life that I was also welcoming and appears to have begun.

Things are on the up. I feel it and have a really positive and upbeat mentality for the first time in a while. Brushing aside my somewhat cynical thoughts of what might be and throwing caution to the wind, well not exactly as I don’t want to bring out the self destruct button. But in a controlled way I am considering new things and making more plans.

I am going to have a holiday, which always brightens me up although the thought of leaving my loved ones back here also kind of fills me with trepidation. I am not a seasoned traveller. I always wanted to travel when I was younger, you know travel safely to far flung places and see the world but never got off the ground. My inbuilt craving to be loved saw me spending my time instead with unsuitable and and often manipulative boyfriends after an early relationship ended. I also needed to support myself so didn’t escape it all as it wasn’t financially possible. It is only since I am lucky enough to have a partner who wants me to travel the world and embrace new things who sends me off on little journeys from time to time that I have been able to do so.

There is something wonderful about him that makes him say. Haven’t you always wanted to go to that place? You should, we’ll do it. Wanting me to see some of the wonderful places he has been to for myself, camera and notebook at the ready. He knows that I will be enriched by the experience. He always knows just the right time that my body, or soul is needing something and I come back with renewed vigour, excitement and strength and loving him for sending me away. I miss him like crazy when we are apart and worry about him, but yes he is able to cope without me and I get a heroes welcome from him and the dog when I return.

But lately I got to thinking about the benefit of Reiki and the fact that I have had only one session and it made such a massive difference to me. It was about 3 years ago. At the time I also learned to channel that same energy after the session. I read some things and tried to learn more about it and when I was unwell I found that if I meditated and placed my hands upon the chakra points of the body the energy helped to alleviate pain. At the time I was going through a very frustrating situation in my workplace and couldn’t speak up about the problems there as my voice wasn’t being heard by my superiors. I had terrible sore throats for a couple of months. It turned out that my throat chakra was blocked. I have had a problem with lumps in my throat ever since then which have never really gone away. I did get checked out by the hospital but they could not do anything about it. However I often felt that the pain that I had there could be alleviated by the warming energy when I meditated and placed my hand just in front of my throat for about 60 seconds. I did eventually get the opportunity to speak up, but by then a lot of damage had been done both mentally and physically by the toxic environment I had been in.

Recently I thought about that healing energy again and how I craved to become well. I also thought about the crystals that I have in the house and how they can also assist me. A few of my friends have found the benefits of crystal healing and although I haven’t thought that I have used crystals in the past. They have been in my life for longer than I thought. Those odd stones purchased from time to time or found on my travels. A pretty thing that has caught my eye or appeals to the touch, that the hand is drawn to and rests upon. I don’t know all their names. Somehow I have been drawn to the ones that have been laying around in the house and I also did one of those questionnaires recently to see if my chakras were blocked as I just wasn’t getting better. I wanted to know what I could do to improve things.

Where there’s a will there’s a way as the saying goes.

It turned out that my heart chakra was blocked. I needed to open myself up to more love. But also to look beyond myself for it. To not be limited by ego, to love unconditionally and see the beauty in all things again. It is regulated by the Thymus gland whose purpose is to regulate the immune system. I have had a problem with my immune system for the past few years and have recently been working on strengthening it. The Thymus gland also governs hormone production and bodily functions. I’ve had IBS for many years but I’ve also noticed that I often have physical pain in between my shoulders which travels through to my chest at the front. It cramps and the only way I have found is to soak in a hot bath until it releases. I’ve had six months of pain in my breasts which I recently was told at the hospital was caused by cysts. My doctors have suggested that a lot of pain is often caused by psychological ailments which I’m not happy to accept. It makes me feel as though they think I’m nuts every time they say it. Then I find out that there is yet another physical reason for the pain and they backtrack again.

I read more of the article the Heart Chakra purpose is noted

• Love for oneself and others

• Relating, relationships

• Compassion, empathy

• Forgiveness, acceptance

• Transformation, change

• Ability to grieve and reach peace

• Compassionate discernment

• Centre of awareness, integration of insights

“When the Heart chakra is blocked you may also feel emotional and withdrawn” it was then I realised that this has been an issue for longer than I thought.

So what do I do now?

To release the blockage it mentioned use of certain essential oils, such as Rose, Geranium, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and Bergamot. Most of which I had used recently when making gifts at Christmas time. Some of which are contained in a gift from a friend given to me for my Birthday last month.

It suggests wearing rose quartz, the crystal to bring more love into your life. Hmm I thought, I have a necklace sitting around I should clean it up and wear it. It has adorned an ornament for many years in my lounge and I haven’t worn it. Tarnished by misuse it has sat around the lady who sits crossed legged in my lounge, purchased long before I ever thought about yoga and the effects of it upon the body along with some Chinese I-ching coins bought for Luck some 20 years ago. She looked after them all for me. I have taken the necklace and cleaned it occasionally but recently unravelled it, washed it and placed it outside to cleanse it on the last full moon along with the other crystals I could find in the house. I was told to use the crystals I was drawn to in some way, to hold them or wear them. So instead of replacing the delicate chain around her neck, I put it on mine and it has stayed there.

My mum who makes beautiful crystal jewellery often will change some of the beads in a bracelet for me based upon what she feels I need at the time when she makes a repair. Meanwhile

the tarnish has gone from wearing this necklace and showering with it on, it is silver. I have noticed it’s beauty although it looks slightly out of place with the gold that adorns my neck daily I have left it there. The other night my partner noticed it and said “what a beautiful necklace is it New?”

I laughed as I told him I needed to open my heart to more love recently so I thought I would wear it. He gave me one of those funny looks that I get when he knows more than he lets on and goes with the flow.

But I can’t deny that I have felt much better in the couple of weeks since wearing this Stone around my neck. More loved and loving generally. I have become more accepting of my body and the fact that although it doesn’t work in the way that used to, it still carries me around and I need to look after it. Kind of nurturing towards it. Considering it’s needs and where I can change things for the better. More loved and loving towards me.

Things are changing for the better and we are both thinking more positively. Instead of dwelling on our misfortunes I have been giving thanks again for all that is good and focusing on each and every thing that goes our way and positive outcomes. I used to spend a lot of time thinking in this way when things were better in the past, but somehow it kind of disappeared under the fog of the past few years and I couldn’t seem to shake it off. I am returning to conscious thought and how it affects us.

I think I have been able to let go of the grief that has consumed a huge part of me for a couple of years. It turns out that I have been living in grief for such a long time. Grief for me, trauma, for situations and for loved ones and I think that I have finally been able to release myself from it. I will no longer allow it to hold me back.

These small steps all add up to a long walk, but I feel that at last I am heading in the right direction now.

Daily Prompts – Simplify


A kaleidoscope of colour and as you turn it round

Try as you may to look again you know it cant be found.

The patterns ever changing, right before your eyes.

Before they go Forever, just as though it dies.

Wishing it could keep it, and draw it on a page

Is a memory that I store as I reach this age.

If I could hold it steady there right in my hand,

That myriad of colour could replace the bland.

A Million Thoughts

A million thoughts crashing through my head,

As I lay here in my bed.

Like the charge of the light brigade.

Only no one coming to my aid.

Running so fast my brain can’t catch them,

Not one flitting through and back again.

What am I thinking, is any of it conscious?

Staying put would be advantageous.

Sudden thoughts of this and that.

Wondering just where I’m at.

Thoughts are completely unstructured

Not a moments sleep that I’ve mustered

So quickly they disappear,

Will I remember is my fear.

Replaced by one after another,

As I hide under the cover.

They arrive thick and fast.

Will any of them try to last.

Taking away all hope of sleep.

Can’t even imagine counting sheep.

Are they plans, hopes or dreams.

Is not all as it seems.

A child’s voice in my head,

I don’t recall what he said.

The laughter momentarily filled the air,

But I know that no one’s there.

What to do with this onslaught,

When I am so deep in thought.

And when the storm of this has passed,

I’ll finally rest and sleep at last.

Daily Prompts – Puzzled