The Last Day Trip

Sitting at her desk, she was writing a dream that she had experienced. Before it disappeared for ever, wrapped up in her thoughts.

Brought from her dreamlike state back to life, it was over in a moment, but one she was glad to share. Seated in front of her window she heard the clip-clop of horses hooves upon the road outside. She raised her eyes to see it, just in time as a beautiful horse drawn hearse was going by. Four Horses take him to his party. Plumes atop their bridles, polished and shiny to match the carriage, the black cars following slowly behind. Traffic slowing whilst they follow the route down the road. It is not an uncommon sight to see the hearses pass here. But the sight of the horses, stops her in her tracks. Struck by their beauty, a shiver went down her back, spine tingling she sat motionless. She paused, her head bowed in a mark of respect. The floral tribute for Grandad proudly displayed on the roof. An immaculate carriage carried the coffin swathed in the British Flag, transporting somebody’s hero. Hopefully, by the fact that he was a Grandad, he had a good long life filled with wonderful memories, happy to go along with the sad ones he doubtless had encountered. It was understated classically designed, not garish in any way, cream with a splash of red and green. Just Beautiful.

On their way to his final day trip, on this beautiful sunny spring day he will be wearing his best suit, with his medals pinned proudly to his chest, the casket laid open for those who wish to say their last Goodbye. People will gather in his memory, for his funeral someone will sing his favourite songs, they will tell the gathered friends and loved ones, of his accomplishments. They will proudly speak of his life and tears will flow along with a celebratory toast for a long life lived and well spent. Laid to rest or cremated, whichever way I hope that he is at peace. Joining friends and loved ones who have waited for him, receiving a Hero’s Welcome whilst he waits for the rest.

A place we call Home.


The Vistas looking out to sea,
Are where my thoughts carry me.
Birds in flight, the waves and spray,
Watching as they fly away.
Taking off for warmer climes,
Distantly a clock tower chimes.

Fox cubs fight to gain their place,
In this beautiful, cherished space.
Deer will wander breezily through,
They stop a while to admire the view.
A windswept walk on a quiet lane,
What do you see when you go again?
There’s always something to notice anew,
When there’s the dog, your thoughts and you.
Trails and flowers, animals and Bees,
Spotting something between the trees.
The wonderful sight of a hovering Hawk,
The occasional rambler stopping to talk.

Not knowing what tomorrow will bring,
Is part of the beauty in Winter or Spring.
Snow as far as the eye can see,
Peace and quiet for just us three.
Daffodils soon start to appear,
So glad that we have travelled to here.

The mottled light from Summer sun,
Just see how peaceful we become.
Alone with your thoughts up on the hill,
Haunting my dreams for the calm and still.
Sat out the front like a King on his throne,
Surveying the land in the place we call Home.

In Autumn the colours of fallen leaves,
Will truly make you think and believe
The gorgeous carpet of red, brown and green,
Is second to none as I walk through unseen.
As night time arrives the cattle are lowing,
The fire is lit and my face is glowing.
There’s smoke in the air, coffee in the pot,
My favourite chair, we have the lot.
As I watch my beloveds slumber,
I sit by the fire watching the ember.
No one can take this feeling away
Of time well spent at the end of the day.

Moving On

Time went on and she hoped for reprieve,
Now was the time she had to believe.
She gathered momentum, all set to go
The strength that took he’d never know.
He thought she’d get right on track,
That she would come crawling back.
But things had changed for her and you,
Life’s too short, the years too few
To sacrifice ones happiness,
staying together under duress.
Don’t think to hurt or shame was meant,
Just a chance to live, without lament.
Some respite from the drudge of life,
Meant to be much more than a wife.
She craved to be cherished like no other,
Much more to her, than just our Mother.
Set apart from the rest, she has such talent,
She should use the gifts that she’s been sent.
She’d raised the family, the time was right,
Had grown tired of the fuss and fight.
She packed her bags, set off, departed,
Now for her, her life’s just started.
Could not hope that you’d understand,
A different life for her was planned.
The freedom for her to do as she pleased,
The burden of her thoughts had eased.

He never thought that they would part,
And would take with her, his heart.
She caught him somewhat by surprise,
Grew fed up living with the lies.
And on it, suddenly the light shone.
When he could see the love had gone.
Sometimes resentment would start when,
He’d think of her fondly now and then.
Although he felt she’d broken his trust,
Time marches on and forgive her he must.
Didn’t figure on such loneliness,
The effect on him of such distress.
Feeling as though a downward spiral,
Going through periods of denial.
But as years go by, I think it’s shown
That he can enjoy a life of his own.
Had never thought with emotions he’d toy,
But a new way of life he’d come to enjoy.
A place where he can enjoy the limelight,
Return to peace and quiet at night.
One where he has freedom to roam,
Do as he pleases, no one at home.