Twenty One – A Poem



This is the poem I wrote for my wonderful man as we celebrated rather simply our 21st Anniversary, we did not need anything fancy, as always we were just glad to be together, to spend the day doing something different, we visited an old favourite place and forgot our troubles for a while. He is my rock, there by my side through it all and I did not know that I would love him now more than ever. 

As we walk towards our future,
Place our footprints in the sand.
You will turn and smile at me
And I will hold your hand.
The life we have together,
Is not easy as it seems.
But after all these years have passed,
Your ’e still the Man of my Dreams.
Some thought we weren’t so suited
And try as they may to part,
But you are the right one Darling,
Who has always had my heart.
Although we’re not yet married,
It’s not been the right time.
We are still together
And we get along just fine.
We have had just Twenty One
And I’d like twenty more.
To see together what will come
And what life holds in store.
I knew quite soon I loved you,
You were special from the start.
Didn’t know that this time later,
You’d still hold firm my heart.
So as we celebrate this time,
And what life to us has thrown.
We will carry on just building
And know that we have grown.
Since people couldn’t break us
And we haven’t just forgot.
That we’ve had it so much longer
And better than a lot.
You see things are sent to try us
And try us as they may.
Out love just grows much stronger,
Each and every day.


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