Type “Yes”, If you Agree…

I am talking about the great photo’s that you see every day of the year on social media specifically on Facebook.

The ones which have been ruined with the words “Type Yes If You Agree”

Well I was going to put them in an album, my inspiration and appreciation of beautiful things, perhaps have a pinterest folder just for them. But they just bug me, nine times out of ten I don’t save them because those great quotes or photo’s which have been ruined by those words.

Why can’t we just appreciate them for their good photography or wording. Haven’t they heard that you post what you want to say in the top then put the picture in? Do they really want a load of yes’ in their comments what purpose does that serve?

It may be down to gathering likes or demographics but it’s just frustrating.


This week whilst I have been trying to find the motivation to do other things and my ears have been reminding me there is still a problem there. I decided to set up a Facebook page for “India Blue Author & Blogger” Since I do spend rather a lot of time on there anyway it kind of makes sense.

So should you wish to take a moment or to to browse the Facebook page it is https://en-gb.facebook.com/IndiaBlue.co.uk/ Please be sure to give it a like or a follow and I’ll be updating that regularly too.

I am also hoping that with a month to go I might encourage a nice round number of followers to my blog in doing so. I have 45 to go to reach my 200  by the first Anniversary.  Now I know it’s not about numbers but hey it would be rather nice to reach that goal.

I am also going to hope that my poetic mind speaks to me again soon. It has been over a month since I wrote any poetry whatsoever although I continue to write other things I need to gather more thoughts for my second book. I am probably about half way through writing the next hundred which will be whittled down as contents for the book. Some  I think will never be published. But that’s just the way it should be. But my mind is full of chatter and I am not entirely focused lately. I need to take a time out, a walk in the bright fresh air during the day to realign my senses, perhaps some meditation. I am not a child of the night I need daylight and on these bright sunny days I should get out there. It might just be the shove in the right direction that I am craving.

Awaken the Gratitude in your Life


It is part of my journey that I am attempting to embrace the changes which have been happening in my life recently. As someone who in her past has not coped particularly well with change to the every day, I have at times found this almost impossible. But I have found something which helps enables me to do this, a wonderful tool in the box, which is helping me rebuild where things were once broken.

At times it is hard to take a look outside of yourself, when life feels dark and you are so caught up with the thoughts in your head.

So may I suggest this….

Try if you can to breathe, look around you and find just one thing which you can be Grateful or thankful for. I am sure that once you start to do this you will soon notice that many more appear when you open your eyes to them and you begin to think outside of the box.

There is a wonderful lady who has spent the past three years seeking to open people’s eyes to the concept of Gratitude. She is called Kristin Granger and lives on the other side of the world to me in Australia. Kristin runs a Facebook page called Gratitude in All and I love what she shows on the page. She regularly runs through the alphabet in her posts asking people to comment upon what they are grateful for. Take a look, I am sure that you will find the answers interesting and possibly inspiring.

If you can contribute, share her posts and like her page, I am sure that it will encourage you to change your outlook and look for the good things. It may provide you with inspiration too.

It has for me….

So remember with fondness, the good things in your past, and Celebrate the Good that your future holds.

https://www.face book.com/Gratitudenall/ You can also find more of her work and writing at http://twistoffaith.com.au