Type “Yes”, If you Agree…

I am talking about the great photo’s that you see every day of the year on social media specifically on Facebook.

The ones which have been ruined with the words “Type Yes If You Agree”

Well I was going to put them in an album, my inspiration and appreciation of beautiful things, perhaps have a pinterest folder just for them. But they just bug me, nine times out of ten I don’t save them because those great quotes or photo’s which have been ruined by those words.

Why can’t we just appreciate them for their good photography or wording. Haven’t they heard that you post what you want to say in the top then put the picture in? Do they really want a load of yes’ in their comments what purpose does that serve?

It may be down to gathering likes or demographics but it’s just frustrating.

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India Blue is a creative person, who enjoys writing, photography and artwork in this blog. All creative content unless credited elsewhere within is that of the Author and remains the copyright of IndiaBlue.co.uk

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