What Did He Say?

Ah, this clip takes me back to my childhood, the first time I heard it there were peals of laughter which filled the house and we all raced to the television to look at it. Mum had the song The Israelites on an album by Desmond Dekker and it was unusual to hear it on the TV at that time.

We often have misheard things, we go out walking and with cotton wool in my ears as I have had to have the past few months, during our walks I often find myself asking of my partner, “What did he say?” as someone walks past.  It is a bit of a dead loss though since my partner is partially deaf in one ear and you can bet it will always be that side that the person has passed us by on, he does the same to me, which is usually met with shrugging from me since I have no idea.

We make a fine pair don’t we?


via Daily Prompt: Heard

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