This week whilst I have been trying to find the motivation to do other things and my ears have been reminding me there is still a problem there. I decided to set up a Facebook page for “India Blue Author & Blogger” Since I do spend rather a lot of time on there anyway it kind of makes sense.

So should you wish to take a moment or to to browse the Facebook page it is https://en-gb.facebook.com/IndiaBlue.co.uk/ Please be sure to give it a like or a follow and I’ll be updating that regularly too.

I am also hoping that with a month to go I might encourage a nice round number of followers to my blog in doing so. I have 45 to go to reach my 200  by the first Anniversary.  Now I know it’s not about numbers but hey it would be rather nice to reach that goal.

I am also going to hope that my poetic mind speaks to me again soon. It has been over a month since I wrote any poetry whatsoever although I continue to write other things I need to gather more thoughts for my second book. I am probably about half way through writing the next hundred which will be whittled down as contents for the book. Some  I think will never be published. But that’s just the way it should be. But my mind is full of chatter and I am not entirely focused lately. I need to take a time out, a walk in the bright fresh air during the day to realign my senses, perhaps some meditation. I am not a child of the night I need daylight and on these bright sunny days I should get out there. It might just be the shove in the right direction that I am craving.

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India Blue is a creative person, who enjoys writing, photography and artwork in this blog. All creative content unless credited elsewhere within is that of the Author and remains the copyright of IndiaBlue.co.uk

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