Make do and Mend or Have Back Ups?

While it is still January and as I realise that there is much to do in the house, sorting and getting rid of stuff. I feel that it is time to clear out things which no longer serve me.

Like the broken things I have not repaired. The clothing which has been mended over and again, if only I could not feel guilt over it. I don’t even know why I do.  But you know finally just chuck it out. If only it were that easy to do so but with a hoarders mentality I always consider the what if. I read an interesting article about things which held us back recently, it was a bit of an eye opener for me and I began to think that I really should. But I feel that I would have regrets if I cleared out all those useful things, or didn’t try to repair them. I have an issue with useful things unnecessarily ending up in landfill. It grieves me. No I mean that I really object!  What about the people who have nothing. Would they want them, well no probably not, people don’t seem to want old stuff these days, except for me. Could I make them better and they go on to eternity or at least a while longer.

I have just realised that I have five hairdryers for goodness sake. That’s just madness! Of course I can explain. One stays in the house in Scotland. One is a travel one (does that even count?) One I had at my partners, then I was bought one for Christmas as a gift one year and then another one was bought when the one I took on holiday packed up. Lately I’ve been getting that thing that happens from time to time when you are really fed up, it really helps the situation when you have somewhere to go and are drying your hair and suddenly the hairdryer packs up. So you haul out the reserve hairdryer and then within minutes so does that. I actually got the third one out the other day. Placed them side by side and said “Now let that be a warning to you!” Which is when I also took this photo strangely the second one has been going strong ever since. Bizarre but true. 

Meanwhile as everyone tells me so have too much stuff and of course they are right I look around trying to decide what things I will get rid of. It is inevitable that there will still too much for such a small place but I will never live in anything even near to a minimalist home.  At least I can say that I don’t need to go and buy very much as it’s probably all around here somewhere.  The replacements for this or that, purchased at a time when I had more disposable income.  This behaviour did not develop through greed.  It was borne out of necessity, when you are living in two, or more different places. You tend to make sure that you have the essentials where you are staying.

It is not just me though… My partner used to say if you find something you like, “Buy Two” he had this rule when he went shopping too. So you can imagine that he has amassed quite a bit too over the years.  Hmm and he wonders why the loft is groaning.

But as I try and accept changes which come my wayas I prepared a meal the other night I thought, I need a new knife for cutting the vegetables. I have been using the same knives in the kitchen for years and years, some of them I inherited when I moved out of the family home and have been sharpened and sharpened. I think I still have broken ones in the drawer, whilst the new ones languish in their packaging and cases and as I was thinking  out loud the other day as I got out the new hairdryer, what are you saving it for anyway?

Stop saving it for Best,  We have one life, Live it. 

The Daily Post – Replacement

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