A Mouse called Rummage.


This is Rummage.

I’m not sure how you may feel about visiting Mice in the workplace, but in a place which was close to fields, quiet and where I worked alone quite often sometimes it was nice to see another being joining me as I worked late into the night.  At the time I used to average around 50 hours per week working until the job was done, my colleagues were part time.  This little mouse used to appear, just before dark, it being a nocturnal creature by nature, it probably assumed that I was invading it’s space.  I would work at my desk and suddenly a little rustle would be heard usually in the waste paper bin next to the desk.  I had to think of a name for him and Rummage suited him perfectly I thought.

I must admit, I was quite alarmed when he first appeared. (I am only assuming that it was a he) I think that is just human nature, but thought that if I didn’t create a fuss and left him to his own devices, then he wouldn’t cause me any harm. This arrangement worked for us and I kind of looked forward to seeing him.  I do love animals and used to keep hamsters and gerbils as pets. Of course, it usually goes that if there is one mouse, you will usually find more, especially when there is food about although I only ever saw this one mouse.  My colleagues, were not great at clearing up after their feeding frenzy, so there was always something for him to find.  He was quite blatant, into the bin, eat his fill, then running up the back of the wires and suddenly pop out of the drawers in front of me as I typed, sitting there washing after his snack, and watching me with interest.

Of course, it was game over when someone else saw him, shrieking all over the place and a trap was set to catch him.  They were certain we must be overrun with Mice.  I wanted it to be a humane trap so that he could be released, however I was overruled and Rummage was soon despatched to the next life, I missed our regular evening encounter.