3 Quotes in 3 Days – Day 3

Ok so I may not entirely have got my head around the rules of this challenge. I am sure that http://www.trulyunplugged.com will find it in her heart to forgive me. 

Yesterday I posted two days at the same time. But in my mind since I wrote the first on Friday and forgot to post it then, it must count as a separate day!  It’s been a very fluffy week, by that I mean the head being full of fluff. My Health has not been great and lots going on followed by Excitement building for today when something wonderful is going to happen. (More about that in a post later!) I’ve been more than a little preoccupied whilst trying to settle back in down South.

I’m afraid I don’t know the author of this fabulous quote for today.  It came from “Heart  Centered Rebalancing” on Facebook and I felt the need to share. I have mentioned in the past that my own instincts have been ignored by me too many times to my detriment. It is a slow process to trust your own instincts. This is especially difficult when hounded by self doubt, but I am learning finally. I have been following them and they have been leading me onward, guiding me where I used to get so lost. If they can continue to shout louder than my stubbornness in my subconscious then I will stay on the right track. 

Wish me luck with that! 

So, that’s it for this challenge. Being a bit of a rebel at heart. Rather than nominate specific bloggers. I am putting this one out there for anyone reading this to join in. I’ve enjoyed the challenge you might too. I may even go at it again later… 

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