A Gazebo and a Telescope, The Boot Sale and the Wonders of Minimalism.

There is a Sunday Boot Sale over the road to me this morning, they have them regularly there. Whilst we were out for a walk with the dog the other night, I suggested that I might “Do a Boot Sale” since it would be a great opportunity for me to get rid of a load of clutter. I have a constant aim to de-clutter at least a little bit, my partner is constantly talking about the “stuff” that we have, but we haven’t quite got there again and the loft is beginning to groan, so it’s definitely time I did so again. He does it too, arriving home with some interesting things over the years, a present or a project for me.

Years ago, I complimented my friend on her “Minimalist Living” and asked her how she managed it. Since there was evidence of vintage items all over her home. Oh that’s easy she said, I store everything else away in the loft in boxes. Although she hadn’t quite grasped Minimalism, she had us fooled for a while, but now I know the truth! She alternated the items in her home, keeping only a small quantity of them out, the others would return to boxes in the loft until she fancied a change. My partner urged me to go and take a look in case I found some wonderful thing there, which I could sell on for a profit. I‘d have to get up early to find something there and Is that really a good idea? I asked. “Last time I went there, on foot, I came home carrying a Gazebo and a Telescope.” Hmm he said, maybe but don’t get another gazebo. It is the sort of conversation which makes absolutely no sense at all. Why on earth would I get another, I didn’t need the first one, which has sat in the loft ever since, along with the telescope, both of course which I will definitely use (one day). Both will be useful in the right place, probably on the hill or if we ever have a party in the garden.

So I will resist the urge to go and see what else the locals are disposing of over the road, which new thing would grace our home with it’s presence. I must resist, I must resist and instead I will revisit it here and write about it whilst I reflect upon the constant wonders of minimalism, just how do they do it?

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