The Tractor


The tractor was hiding down a back street when we went to view a house in Scotland, in a field at the top of the road near to the beach.  It was owned by an ex-headmaster who has it just sitting there in his garden.  He was about 80 years old and stopped for a chat, as curious people do out in the countryside when confronted by out-of-towners’.  He told my partner that he would be pleased to let me have it, we just have to go and collect it and visit for tea. It hasn’t turned a wheel in years, but I thought it was a fantastic piece of machinery and I simply had to photograph it.  We didn’t buy the house for several reasons, it just wasn’t right for us. I’d love to take the man up on his offer, but getting it home would be a real mission and restoration of such a wonderful machine a challenge that might be beyond my capabilities.