Beach Finds

As two girls who used to spend a lot of time at the beach when we were younger, we have spent a fair bit of time at the beach whilst I am here on this trip. It seemed the logical place for us to go here on the Sunshine Coast.

If there is a beach which we can get to and from whilst the kiddies are at school then we have made it our mission to go and see it, walk along it and go beach combing. As a consequence I have lots of sun sea and sky shots that I’ve taken whilst transfixed by the waves sights and sound of nature at its wildest doing its thing.

I have collected shells and stones which I have visions of all kinds of possibilities relating to artwork, we have found lots of beautiful things which I would love to take home with me, put on a wall and cherish.

Sure some of them have been smashed in the storms which have battled the coastline whilst I have visited here. To me these are somehow even more beautiful since although they are fragments of their former shapes and size they were resilient enough to force their way through raging waters up on to the beaches we walked along and be found by us.

The Shell, Coral and Sea Glass, shaped by their journey. These are the pieces that I would make into artwork for it signifies to me what they have gone through and the fact that their beauty still remains.

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2 thoughts on “Beach Finds”

  1. How perceptive and essential your observations of these foundlings. To see them not as the things they are only, but also what they have been, what they may become. To consider that which has brought them to this place.
    Corollaries to our own lives, as well.
    Your vision is admirable, and brings joy.

    Seek peace,



    1. This trip has helped me in so many ways. To look at things differently to how I did before. I’m not sure if it is the timing of the trip, or the place itself that has had this effect of seeing things differently. I think when one is looking for answers then sometimes they evade us, but take a step back and allow it to present it to us in its own time, suddenly things become clear, enlightenment! I only hope that this continues once I return home.


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