My Intention

I thought that I would take this opportunity to set out my intentions for this page and blog.

I intend to include within this writing, poetry, artwork and photographs.  So please, join me on the journey I take.  If I can raise awareness for Endometriosis and funds for research along the way then I will have made some progress.  I am on a journey for a happy and healthier life and intend to embrace new things as I go.

At some point, the webpage will include paid advertising opportunities for selected businesses and individuals, if you would like to be included as a preferred advertiser, then please contact me via email to discuss this in more detail.

You are welcome to send me comments and share my links on your networks, but please remember that unless I have credited elsewhere for a photograph or content, then the copyright is mine, so please respect that because plagiarism will not be tolerated.

Meanwhile, join my journey and enjoy the ride…

India Blue


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